Salt Lake Newborn Photographer

I feel so honored when my closest friends and family ask me to take pictures of their families. Whitney is like a sister to me. Our families grew up traveling the United states together and now we get to have babies together too! I felt so honored when she reached out asking me to take pictures of her newest addition Baby B!

We did a Life Style Newborn Session in their home. They now have two boys, which brings our family group baby total to 8 boys! That is a story I'll have to share another time.

We got some group shots as well as individual and brother pictures too! Sometimes kids don't love to take pictures and be super smiley but I think thats why lifestyle newborns are the best!! We just go with the flow. If we need to take breaks or give siblings some time to play we do, and we grab other photos or switch up locations within the home to help fulfill what the needs are during that moment!

My favorite areas to shoot in the home include primary bedroom, living room, nursery, and porch! Sometimes I shoot in all of these areas and sometimes only two or three! These sessions are very low stress and go with the flow which make them my favorite to shoot! The baby snuggles are usually an added bonus too!

Looking for a Life Style Newborn Photographer? I would LOVE to work with your family this year! Contact Me to book a session and to view more of my work visit my Instagram.