Tunnel Springs Park Ceremony Wedding

Carly + Jacob had big plans for their wedding day, but covid-19 put a twist in their plans. Instead of getting married in an LDS temple (since they were currently closed) the designed a beautiful and simple ceremony that included immediate family members in the hills of Tunnel Springs in Salt Lake City. While we were finding the perfect location Carly stayed in the car and we walked Jake to the spot they would be married. He hadn't seen his bride in her dress yet and they wanted it to be a surprise until she was walking down the isle. The moment finally came when Jake could see his gorgeous bride and the pictures say it all. These two are so in love!

The ceremony was beautiful to say the least; beautiful vows filled with love and tears from all the family members seeing these two tie the knot. After the first kisses as husband and wife they walked hand and hand down the isle while their family threw dried rose petals in celebration! These two thought of every little detail and I'm so happy I got to be apart of it. We finished taking pictures with family and then we spent the rest of the night taking bridals of the two of them. I could post every picture from this wedding and bridal session. The lighting was perfect and every aspect of the day was perfect and magical.

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